Great Family Meals To Make When Your a Poker Mom With Little Time 3

March 17th, 2011

Honey Soy and Garlic Stir Fry Beef and Vegies

Cooking dinner has always been something that takes a lot of time out of my busy and crazy schedule. Cooking can be time consuming and if you are like me and hate it; would rather be playing online poker it is horrible. I have 6 people to organize dinner for daily and thought I would write up some quick meals for poker moms to dish up through the week and on weekends which take little to no time and are crowd pleasers.

MEAL 3 – Honey Soy and Garlic Stir Fry Beef and Vegies

This is so nutritious and so easy and cheap to make. Its a sure crowd pleaser too!


500gms of steak pre cut into strips

1 pack of frozen asian vegetables

1 bottle of honey soy and garlic sauce

Fry steak strips in pan until brown

Add vegetables and stir in until hot and not frozen

Add sauce (be sure to turn the temp down so it doesnt burn)

You can make some plain (do not add flavoring) 2 minute noodles  – microwave them and strain them. These can be added as a base. Alternatively you can use rice.

This entire meal takes me 6 minutes too cook and THAT makes me one happy mum!

Aussie Poker Players Flooded My Heart Goes Out

January 10th, 2011

flood pic 2For those who do not know, many poker players have been subjected to flash flooding in Australia. The floods so bad they are covering house roof tops and people are missing by the dozens. Unfortunately it doesn’t look to be getting any better. I myself have missing friends and family and effected friends and family, last I spoke to my cousin she was making a dash for it, it was hours ago. I am praying she gets through.

I can’t help everyone that has been effected, none of us can! Certainly though I can help my family and friends and of course my poker community pals. As I type this one friend from poker that I have been close to for many years is moving her things to higher ground ready for the wall of water. Another friends father is missing and I sit fearing the 50mm down pour thats expected. This certainly is not an Aussie summer. I would expect bush fires alike in Western Australia. I must note that my heart also goes out to the people who are avoiding flames on the other side of Aus.

There are unfortunately already 8 people confirmed dead including a mother and her 2 children who were swept away in their car. There were 72 people missing at one stage (that had been reported – its kind of hard to report when you have no phones etc so i imagine this number was higher) 50 were found mustered together in a hall thank god.flflood pic 1

As I sit watching and contemplating the damage my mind goes back to when only 8 people were confirmed dead in our bush fires. The disaster number went into the thousands with over 5000 families left homeless and a whole communities gone. I hope it doesn’t turn out this bad as i prepare myself down south for a worry full flood. Its what you get living near the river i guess!

Here is a video link to show you how terrible the floods are!

QLD floods

How fast the water went up

PLEASE STAY SAFE! Again, my heart goes out to each and every one of you!

Great Family Meals To Make When Your a Poker Mom With Little Time 2

October 11th, 2010

spag bolCooking dinner has always been something that takes a lot of time out of my busy and crazy schedule. Cooking can be time consuming and if you are like me and hate it; would rather be playing online poker it is horrible. I have 6 people to organize dinner for daily and thought I would write up some quick meals for poker moms to dish up through the week and on weekends which take little to no time and are crowd pleasers.

MEAL 2 – Spaghetti Bolognese

Spag Bol as I call it is also really easy, simple and fast to make; in addition it is healthy too! Sound complicated? Does it sound time consuming? Think again! It doesn’t when I do it! Vegetarians simply make mixture without beef mince.


500gms Mince Beef

1 Tin (Can) crushed tomatoes or even better Dolmio / Pre made shelf bolognese mix – this usually has very little that is not natural.

1 Jar Tomato Paste

1 Teaspoon Minced garlic (Pre Minced Garlic can be purchased from the store)

Mixed herbs


Black Pepper


Pasta (Your choice, you do not have to use spaghetti, you can use spirals, shells and even bows)

Put pasta in saucepan in boiling water.

Place mince in saucepan on medium heat (half way around) and make brown. The mince can be made fine by using a fork to “mash it” as you are browning.

Add Tin (Can) crushed tomatoes or even better Dolmio / Pre made shelf bolognese mix (if not using pre mix, use 1/2 an onion finely chopped)

Add Tomato Paste

Stir well

Add teaspoon of minced garlic

Add sprinkles of all the herbs

Rinse off and drain pasta well.

Serve with pasta on the bottom, sauce on the top and cheese to your taste.

Another quick 15 minute meal – thank mom for them!

Great Family Meals To Make When Your a Poker Mom With Little Time

September 13th, 2010

roast dinnerCooking dinner has always been something that takes a lot of time out of my busy and crazy schedule. Cooking can be time consuming and if you are like me and hate it; would rather be playing online poker it is horrible. I have 6 people to organise dinner for daily and thought I would write up some quick meals for poker moms to dish up through the week and on weekends which take little to no time and are crowd pleasers.

MEAL 1 – A Roast Dinner!

Sound complicated? Does it sound time consuming? Think again! It doesn’t when I do it! A roast dinner is by far the quickest meal to prepare and dish up.


Chicken / Pork / Beef/ Lamb  roast (one of these)




Frozen Beans / Peas

Frozen Corn Cobs

2 Onions

Broccoli / Cauliflower

Put Chicken In Roasting pan, a little oil and in oven – too easy!

Peel potatoes and cut into 4

Cut pumpkin into large pieces – skin on

Cut carrots into 3  – skin on

Cut the ends off the onions and peel – cut in half

Run broccoli or cauliflower under water and cut into pieces I just cut broccoli into quarters basically)

Put all vegetables in pots on the stove except for pumpkin, carrots and onion. Onions, carrots into the roasting pan. Pumpkin skin down on the rack.

When potatoes are almost ready drop them into deep fryer

Place a cup of gravy powder and water in the microwave when everything is cooked and stir every 20 seconds until thick.

Walla the roast is ready!

I spend maximum15 minutes preparing my roast dinners. They are really the easiest thing that I can think to make! In fact I can play online poker as I do them. I don’t know the person who said roasts were hard. They got it wrong!

Do You Want the Best for Your Kids From Your Poker Life?

September 5th, 2010

Danielle Adams-Benham kids xmas day 2008I sure as heck do! Being able to provide everything needed is important to me. I want to ensure every day my children have a good education, a stable environment and lastly loving arms.

A few months ago my kids were watching television. They screamed out to me “Quick mum, quick! The Shak’s are on MTV! I had no clue what they were talking about until I raced on into the room to see. It was MTV Cribs to be precise and Beth Shak’s kids were on showing off their home / teen cribs. This caused me instant issues with my children!

Beth spoke and told how she was a professional poker player, and her kids throughout the show showed their bedrooms, toys (teenage toys) and life of luxury. My kids were envious and looking at me like I was the devil and of course; the worst poker player in the world as they didn’t have such things. It was time to do some serious explaining and set them straight!

I explained to them that Beth didn’t win all of that money – they didn’t believe me of course; it came across as if she did. I also explained that they didn’t need all of those things in life to be happy; of course they disagreed. I went on and tried to reason that a mum as a professional poker player doesn’t mean you get all of that; the reply was “You do if you win!

Ok, so I am stuck in a corner on this one and thought I had to further dig deeper to so I didn’t look  like the mother from hell. At the same time offer some form of explanation for us not being multi millionaires.  I told them that my poker career was in its infancy stage. That I would get better, play bigger and win more over the next few years. I also explained that I earn the normal weekly wage of most people in this country playing poker and that really we had the same finances as most families. Not good enough of course! I got mad; told them wait, they would get nothing ever if they kept it up!

I went and further pushed my plea and showed them the Hendon Mob database. As of today Beth’s total tournament winnings are $ 453,466 with live tournaments dating back to 2005. I have only just started playing live tournaments. Anyway; to cut the story short I explained that Beth earns 50 – 75k (if she cashes every year) per year in live tournaments which is obviously nothing to complain about; that’s fabulous but …… Not so much better than what I earn playing.

Moms out there; here’s a message for you! If you want the best for your children do the best you can. Your best is all you can do! If you are feeding your children; they have a roof over their heads and some goodies every now and again beyond “needs” you are doing fabulous! If you can earn $70 to $100 a day, you are doing wonderful! Remember that this can be done through 5 x $10 or $5 x $20 double up SNG’s – and that’s most people’s wages each week (at the lower to medium level income bracket). If you win a nice tourney every now and again it’s a bonus so never let your poker play get you down or think you have done badly by your family; I can assure you; you’re NOT!

As for my kids, I have had a few nice wins since this argument and have now been sponsored by FeltStars and their whining has changed to a smile; they were happy to take media releases to school and brag about their mom and have forgotten all about the fortunes and money!

Female Poker Player Gossip Line

August 31st, 2010

The Feeling Of Purity At it's Best!It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, not even if you are a stay at home mum. It is likely you will be the victim of gossip. There is the casual and harmless gossip which can sometimes be true such as a new hair style, an engagement or a baby on the way. Then there is the harmful, cruel and destroying gossip that is far from the truth and can impact terribly on your life.

Having seriously horrible gossip spread about you can have more than just an impact on your personal pride. Some gossip I have heard is so bad that it can destroy families, friendships, careers and worst of all cause people to have suicidal tendencies through a subsequent loss of pride and fear of community responses; regardless of whether the gossip is true.

As a female poker player, a writer, a journalist, a radio broadcast and most importantly a mum, I don’t have time for gossip. I do not talk about people behind their back nor listen to tales. If I hear something and find it to be possibly true, I go direct to the person involved (this is part of my job – not for personal gain). I am pleased to say I am one of the last people to say horrible things about anyone; if i do: I would say it to their face and are usually only replying to someone else’s point of view or question. In example:

Q: “Do you like her?” My Answer “Not as a close friend, not much at all; I do not barely talk to her.” Q “Why not?” My Answer “Because she did wrong by me and I don’t find her a very nice person to say the least.” Q “What did she do?” My answer is always whatever someone did actually do TO ME.

Female poker players are more susceptible to gossip about sexual encounters and things that are not seen as very lady like. This is the case as they travel and usually with the boys. When the tournament they play in is over they are sure to have drinks and have fun! This doesn’t mean they are going to go flaunting with all the boys. Drinking, chatting, dancing, business and dining; these are more the things on my agenda. I cannot speak for everyone else though obviously.

Hanging with the guys is something that is fun in my eyes. They do not bicker or b#tch although can spread gossip from time to time alike women. What happens though when hanging with the guys starts taunting, terrible and destroying gossip that no women wants to hear about themselves; nor have her also innocent family and friends put up with or hear?

What do you do when the Female poker Player Gossip Line starts grape vine-ing along? Do you let it continue? Put a stop to it by confronting the gossip monger or by telling everyone, even her friends that she is trouble?

I have had a lot of smack talked about me and usually I laugh it off. I am not talking about stupid little things; I am talking gossip that has the potential to again destroy careers, friendships and families. To me this kind of behaviour where one would start such terrible rumours is not on, unacceptable and should be forbidden. Really what can you do about it though? I will leave that question with you!

Jealousy is a Curse for Female Poker Players

August 27th, 2010

Danielle Adams-Benham and FatherBy the title of this post, I don’t mean females poker players suffering due to jealousy or being jealous! I mean jealous men! There is a whole list of male particulars in my life that I can add to this list of jealousy. You name a man in my life, they appear jealous! I will re-phrase as they do not appear jealous. THEY EVIDENTLY ARE!

One would think that is a great thing for a female poker player right? Let me tell you wrong! Big, big wrong! If anyone thinks that a males jealousy isn’t going to affect your; poker lifestyle in anyway; you are extremely mislead. Sure; the argument can be made that another’s jealousy is only going to affect you if you let it. That argument is bogus!

Let me look of the list of jealous males that bring a curse to female poker players the reason for it and how it affects you.

Boyfriend: Jealous of all male fans, friends and poker colleagues. Being a professional female poker player and going to play live without your boyfriend by your side is a curse and a half. It is for me anyway; maybe it is only my boyfriend? He knows a lot of men would die for you and the phone calls never stop. Ring and advise of your where about or he rings nonstop. What a curse when you are trying to market as a female poker player!

Dad: Has always aimed for fame and fortune and is competing with you every which way he can. “Hello Daddy?? Where’s the support?” If your dad can’t support and congratulate you – who will? (Shown in picture). My dad was a very well known rocker in his early years; a back-up band for AC/DC throughout Sydney in their original days.

Ex Partners: Appear to find them less than happy with your success and will bring up any dirt they can. Bring the dirt out yourself! No need for panic or curse in the case that you do!

Male Poker Players: Many (not most) use every put down tactic they can to intimidate you and make you look like a retard. I may not be playing high stakes poker; but I am sponsored which many would love to be. It is a terrible feeling to read smack about you, AN UNFORGIVABLE movement by any man in poker in my opinion. Keep your smack to yourself. I can only assume that jealousy is a reason. If you say it isn’t I ask why you are talking about me as much as the big guns – am I on your mind sunshine?

Male Friends: Work their butts off day in day out; a ton of them hard labour, others long hours in an office. Need I say more?

Anyway; how does this affect your game of poker? Well; if you don’t take it to the table it won’t. This is something I need to learn to do! When it comes to poker business and personal life though – there is no doubt whatsoever it affects you! Being torn down by jealous men IS a curse. When someone finds a solution to end it forever I would greatly appreciate a heads-up on it!

My Home After A Live Poker Tournament

August 19th, 2010

pile of laundrySo, you’re a mother, a partner, a nurse, a doctor, a vet, a cleaner, a taxi cab driver, a hair dresser, a cook. You’re everything! You’re the lady of the house! You are expected to know everything, do everything and be everything. Thank god for vacations right?

You finally get away from the online poker scene (which you do love but play it so often as a job that playing live is so much more fun!) and go to play a live game. This is like a vacation! You pack your things, you pack everyone elses too of course. You do you hair, nails, makeup and choose your cool poker clothing from the endless piles and you LEAVE!

“Goodbye, I love you, be good! See you when i am back in a few days” you mutter as you walk out the door. Inside you are cheering about your short escape. Really you can’t tell everyone that though, especially the little ones as they hold your leg so tightly it feels like it is going no where fast. Then, just like that; you are home free, you are on the felt, you are surrounded by countless amounts of other poker players and no kiddies.

Before long, all good things come to an end. You have finished your tourney play and you are headed straight back home. What do you expect to get home to bliss? I missed you? Flowers? Hugs?

You may well get home to some of these things, I got home to some other things as well though and this is the part in this blog I wanted to point out.

Returning home from a live poker tournament I also return to:

5 suitcases of clothing to unpack (mine plus 4 kids). That needs washing, folding, packing away and sorting.

3 days of envelopes to open

4000 emails

4 kids that expect 3 days worth of attention.

Nothing organised for school or dinner.

You pretty much get the hint I am sure; I return to a nightmare on Danielle street. Here is my thought:

Before you go playing live and distant games of poker where you have to uproot your whole family life. Be earning enough money so you can pay for a live in sitter. Seriously ladies there is no other way!

The Way My Kids Percieve an Online Poker Pro Mum

August 2nd, 2010

donkey picMy kids have given a new meaning to ass, or donkey as we call them in poker. A mum that plays online poker. I am forever being acused of being lazy by them. Sure; they like the money that it brings, they also like to brag about me being on radio and in magazines. At he same time as having these “likes” they sure do play against my job!

The children have adapted to having a mum that plays poker, I am not saying they havnt for a second. What they do not comprehend is their mum sitting in their home on a PC  12 hours a day (usually less but we will use 12 hours as a base). I ask them to do chores and find replies such as “Why should we, you have been sitting on your ass all day playing poker”. It makes me want to slap their cheeky mouths, it tilts me more then anything.

So, I have been thinking that an ass or a donkey in my kids eyes equates to someone who plays online poker in the comfort of their own home all day. “Hello to all the other asses out there lol”.

So, what to do? I have recently contemplated renting a small office. It sounds bizarre but will put real meaning to “Mum has worked all day long”. They will see me get dressed, go to work and come home again. I have also considered going and using my mums home office all day, just to “get out of the house” so i am not sitting on my “ass” playing poker all day.

I am sure that if I was working the hours I used to being up to 16 per day, sometimes 70 a week and also on call; they would believe that I was actually working. Right now; they don’t. I have no other further challenges with my children in respect to being criminal like etc. Just this! When I work out what to do, I will let all the other mums know exactly how to handle this issue. I could ask Annie Duke I guess at some stage, but Annie of course plays live as much as online I guess. I am again; an online player, or foremost an online player.

I am going to start in the morning by trying something new. I am going to get up, put a whole ton of makeup on and get dressed in 1 of my many feltstars outfits as I whisk them out the door to school. I will get them home and ask them to do their chores while I “finish work” and see how that goes. If it doesn’t work I think I will next try the “you get nothing of value trick as playing poker makes me an ass” theory lol. If this doesn’t work I think it is get a HAC (Hot Aussie Chick) office away from the house.

That’s all for now personal blog! Wish this little ass luck in becoming a child eating shark ;-)

When the World Seems Against Us – Women in Poker and Domestic Violence

June 23rd, 2010

danielle cut from erik picIt happens! It happens to all of us! No matter what we do the world seems against us. Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong especially in poker sometimes – we are alive but geeesh what a nightmare all the same. It is even more of a nightmare, dealing with domestic violence as crap unfolds in front of you!

When the world seems against me, which has happened a lot, I take it in my stride. I walk harder, faster, firmer to my desires. If someone tells me no, I try twice as hard. When I lose, I get back on the bike and go for a win. When I am sick, I rest for a little but carry on generally like I normally would. When finiances are rough, I work harder and play more poker to build them back up.

When my kids are unhappy as the world is stacking against them, I feel more sad then when it is against me. I show them my walk and my stride and tell them what I live with, what starving children globally live with and that things can only get better when they pace forwards.

I have had many moments of breakdown in the last 2 years, moments where I thought I was insane, when I was depressed, anxious and felt like giving up the battle in the world of poker. I felt like flipping burgers at McDonalds would be easier. Although I did cry, I do ask “why?” I did stop for a day or two, I got back to it and moved along more agressively on my poker path then before.

The world seems a lot more against me then for a lot of women. I have lived with domestic violence and it sux. Mental abuse gets you down, physical and emotional abuse tatter your soul that little bit more. I have not only had to fight my way in this world of poker but also in my own home. Poker is tough, tougher when you have mockery, attack, teasing and laughing from those thast you love about your goals, dreams and passions.

Playing a tournament while being verbally abused and emotionally attacked is tough. I don’t think there are many people that will know how tough it is. Playing when someone is disconnecting your internet or closing your laptop on you, tougher again obviously.

There is not a player in the world that can imagine what I have lived. What I do know, is I am still living, still striving, still moving forward regardless of horrific personal issues that I have faced. Women of the felt, step up! You do have the strength alike me, no matter how hard it seems. You can be the next big winner, sponsored pro, or poker success story. You just have to work on it; and work on it hard!

I once told a man that if he thinks he can scare me out of a hand or tilt me he is wrong. I am a tough cookie and it takes more then fear and words to throw me off my game. I have had more then the trash talk of a few little men to deal with as I have played. I have dodged projected objects and hands – human hands! All; while being called SL#T, B$TCH and  …. you get the hint.

Again; when the world seems it’s against me, I move forward stronger. NEVER give up on your passion! Giving up on your passion is giving up on yourself and that’s not a life for anyone. I kept moving and am now a pro at FeltStars. You can work on it too! To join FeltStars – Click Here: -> FELTSTARS