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Women’s Poker News
This is the spot for all the latest newsy bits specific to women in and around poker. Actually you could say it’s really all about you. Women in poker have come a long way since the smoke-filled-backroom-ole boyz clubs of yesteryear.
If you think you have something to share that belongs here, just let us know.  Oh, and did we tell you that we absolutely love scoops about poker and women?

Trusting Your Analysis

Trusting Your Analysis—Part 1

You gotta believe. Fans of the underdog team at sporting events are always holding up signs with that thought, or something similar, for all to see. The favored team is going for the kill....

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Women’s Sunday Turns One

PokerStars doubled the guarantees and bounties for this special birthday Women’s Sunday. And the response was fantastic! After a week of celebratory freerolls and today’s live web chat, this was icing on our PokerStars...